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A fine looking and sounding Home Cinema Setup.

The customer placed his trust in our judgement. He provide us with a budget and the only prerequisite that the speakers should match his interior decor.

The rear (Surround) speakers were on ceiling mounted already, so all that was required from us is the Front Left, Front Right, Center and Subwoofer postions to be filled with anything we wanted that fell into the pre-assigned rules!

Let's get to it.

Great sounding setup while keeping it simple and in a Vintage theme !

The customer knew exactly what he wanted. Great sound but also keeping the Vintage Theme he has in his house intact.

The furniture that was to accompany our Hi-Fi setup already gave away a hint of what the customer wanted to achieve. The flooring was also hinting at the Vintage theme direction. It was made of glorious looking wood panels that provided the warmth that the theme requires.


So what did we choose?


We are not going to lie. The first thing that came to our mind was the Cabasse MT32 series that we saved up for such an occasion. Not many people like the walnut color anymore, they prefer more modern colors and designs.But here we are!


Cabasse Jersey MT32 Floor-standing Speakers

Cabasse Socoa MT32 Center

Cabasse Orion MT32 Subwoofer



The pictures, lovely as they are, still cannot capture the beauty of this room. The customer, being an architect really applied his magic touch when it came to the decor and the minimal approach was evident all around the house. 

This project was quite simple yet so beautiful. Sometimes we are searching for beauty in really complex solutions when a "Less is More" approach might be all that we need!



Home Cinema - Walnut Delight!

Once the Cabasse setup was installed, it added more Vintage beauty to the sitting room's decor.


We could already detect that since the TV furniture, the floor and the speakers were all of different wood color variations might be considered a problem but it did not! We could say that they compliment each other breaking up any kind of monotony that might try to sneak in!


The Cabasse Floor standing Jersey MT32 Speakers.

Its expressiveness and vivacious sound resulted in the awarding of the prestigious « Diapason d’Or2014 » to the Jersey.


Finely balanced but generous, subtly sensible, Jersey MT32 provides immoderate musical thrill for a moderate investment.


The 17CM Woofer / Midrange driver can drop down to 57Hz and the 27mm wide dome tweeter can seduce your high frequency needs with ease all the way to 23KHz.


The Cabasse Orion Subwoofer.

With Orion MT32, the low frequency effects share with the main channels the same dynamic range and control.


The 360° down-firing port simplifies discreet positioning in the room.


Sporing an 8" (21cm) Bass Driver it can pump out 200W (RMS) of controlled bass that it can be more than adequate for small to medium size rooms.


The frequency response of the Orion MT32 is 35Hz - 200Hz.

The Cabasse Socoa Center speaker.

The Socoa MT32 centre speaker is a perfect fit with the rest of the MT32 range for a full multi-channel show.


The HDSE filter gives a perfect acoustic fusion between the speakers to create a lively and realistic three-dimensional sonic image.


As we can see from the photos the placement of the center speaker is not ideal.


The customer wanted it there so it wouldn't interfere with the TV and no further constructions were wanted. So what we advised him was to give the center some upward angle to help with the direction of the projected sound waves.

A blend of performance and beauty.

For many people, performance and looks go hand in hand. We agree with that and there is no reason that it should not be always possible.


Of course beauty (and sound performance) is in "the eye (or ear) of the beholder" so any discussions on this topic can go either way and extend to several sub-discussions.


We are not going to touch those subjects today.


Instead, we will enjoy these photos and wish our customer to enjoy his system as much as possible!


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We promise a magnificant music adventure...

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