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A very potent 3.1 System!

Our goal was quite simple. Create a compact yet great sounding speaker setup that would be primarily used for music auditions and secondarily for movies.


Compact, great sounding without breaking the bank!

Fun times! We always like to work on a fixed budget since most of the times, the customers ask us what would we do if we had X amount of budget to allocate on X amount of products. So we tried with those constants to...choose the variables!

We chose the Focal Chorus 705 Bookshelf speakers, which are compact and yet sound very spacious and authoritative! Alongside came their partner in crime, the Chorus CC700 center speaker so the movie experience can be enhanced!

Everything was hooked up using the always dependable Clearway speaker cable by The Chord Company and there you have it!

Excellence on a budget!


Focal Chorus 705 Bookshelf Speakers

Focal CC700 Center Speaker


Speaker Cables & Interconnects:

The Chord Company: Clearway Speaker Cables

The Chord Company: C-View (HDMI)


Just as we expected, the 3.1 Setup brought smiles to the customer's face almost instantly. But then again this was to be expected from the very beginning since everything went precisely according to plan. Now for the best part: The breaking in period and the endless hours of music and movie enjoyment!

3.1 System - No Surround Speakers, No Fuss!

We are not trying to say that surround speakers are not needed! What we are trying to say is that sometimes you can sacrifice certain aspects of an idea and still get a great result! This 3.1 System does exactly that, performing flawlessly in both movies and music days!


Beautiful, Elegant, right at home!

Sometimes, we do some projects that feel right from the start. And this one surely did. The whole house was carefully decorated with a warm aura in mind. This was evident everywhere you looked. Imagine our relief and happiness when we saw the Focals slotting in their place and blending in effortlessly. 

The TV is now being kept safe by the 3 Musketeers!

The Vogel's hide-a-cable unit is now discreetly hiding all the cable that travel from the AV Receiver to the TV and thus creating a lovely clean installation, allowing our 3 Focal speakers to shine and take center stage! 

The Chord Company's C-View HDMI Cable.

Chord has been producing high-performance HDMI cables for about 12 years, they know that shielding and conductor quality play a big part in performance. Over the years, they have won many awards for their HDMI cables – from the original HDMI 1.1 to the latest high speed specification versions.

The C-view is a brand new design featuring silver-plated conductors and high frequency effective shielding and reflects the ever increasing slenderness of modern televisions and the size limits imposed by wall mounting. The 0.75, 1.5, 2 & 3 meter C-view HDMI cables have been designed to be as discreet and flexible as a high-performance HDMI cable can be, while still meeting the high speed specification for 4K televisions and sources.  Ultra slim and with a new reduced length plug design the C-view HDMI balances convenience and performance perfectly.

The Chord Company's Clearway Speaker Cable

Delivering performance at a good price. Chord Company Clearway speaker cable has won WHAT HIFI? Best Speaker Cable award 2015, 2016 and 2017.  It uses a clever combination of materials to produce a speaker cable with a performance level that usually costs a lot more!

The Clearway uses 14 AWG multi-strand oxygen free copper conductors – big enough to bring control and definition to both book shelf and floor standing loud speakers. The insulation is FEP which has a very similar performance to PTFE. The choice of insulation has a profound effect on the ultimate performance of a speaker cable and FEP contributes to the neutrality of the Clearway speaker cable. Other types of insulation will often produce unwanted tonal colourations and while your music should be full of colour your cables shouldn’t. The conductors are arranged in a twisted pair configuration before a soft PVC internal jacket is applied, this helps to minimise mechanical noise and also spaces the twin contra-wound foil shields in relation to the conductors.

Shielding a speaker cable brings subtle nuances that make music come alive. Clearway can transform the performance of your system particularly when it comes to coherence and timing.  It will let you further into your favourite music.


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