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Home Cinema & Multi-Zone Audio

Every now and then, we get to work in some houses, that really intrigue our interest. This is one of those projects. The owners made it crystal clear from the beginning that they were after something minimal, but without compromising sound quality.

Luckily, we had exactly what they needed! 
Ease of use, Reliability, Control and Quality

The owners requested an excellent quality 5.1 Home Cinema setup, with 3 satellite speakers (in white) acting as the front three channels (Front Left, Front Right and Center Channels) and the rear speakers were to be mounted in-ceiling.

They went on to explain to us, that having music in the kitchen is of utmost importance, and again they preferred the in ceiling solution.

Lastly, they requested that their Veranda should be filled with music as well, since they will be spending a lot of time there in the summer time.

All the audio zones should be able to be controlled using their Smartphones or Tablets, and all zones should be independent or grouped as per their request.

They system should be able to play USB Audio (Yes even FLAC Lossless files!), Spotify, Tidal, Internet Radio, Bluetooth and even the Audio Input from the TV!

Yes, all these requests are possible to be fulfilled. We only needed to choose the right equipment, and perform an amazing installation!

Move on to the "Products Used" tab to read all the products we used!

Home Cinema:

Focal Dome front Speakers
Focal 300 Series, ICW4 Ceiling Speakers
Focal SUB AIR Wireless (or wired) Subwoofer

Kitchen Zone

Focal Ceiling Speakers: IC 108 


Taga Harmony: TOS-600 V.2 

Speaker Cables:
The Chord Company: Leyline 

AV Receiver

Yamaha: RX-A2060
The result was exactly as expected. An easy to use setup, offering all the conveniences that the owners wanted!

Sound quality was at exceptional levels, utilizing the Focal Flax speakers and the Yamaha Receiver's power and control.

Each zone can now be set at a different source (For example, they owners can now watch a movie in the living room, and the Veranda can be set at Internet Radio, thus pleasing 2 different areas independently. Or even, 3 areas if you include the Kitchen! Total Control!

The setup promises hours and years of happy times, whether these are for Movies, Games, or music!

High-Resolution Audio Meets Style and Design

The Focal Dome Flax speakers looking lovely on the TV Furniture, complementing the Sony TV beautifully. Their white color blends easily with the interior design, leaving everyone in awe, both with their appearance and audio performance. Do not let their small size fool you! These little speakers really mean business!

Want to avoid intrusive rear Speakers? In-Ceiling speakers !

More and more people, prefer that their rear speakers are not floor-standing or stand-mounted. This mostly has to do with the design of the interior, or even because there are small children in the house, and that could be dangerous. (Both for the speakers, and the children!)

Thankfully Focal has a vast range of very high quality in-ceiling speakers, and that means we can incorporate them in situations like these. Perfect Integration.

The most flexible Subwoofer ever?

Low profile? Check! Beautiful Design? Check! Wireless Connectivity? Check! Wired Connectivity? Check! Amazing Quality and Power? Check!

Is there something the the Focal SUB AIR is not good at? Well yes! Being Quiet at boomy scenes!

But what about music at the veranda?

As much as we would like to install lovely sounding wooden speakers outside, it is simply not possible without risking to damage them when exposing them to the weather conditions. So what do we do?

Thankfully TAGA has a solution for us, that will still provide the veranda with quality music!

Outdoor Speakers that love to be left outside!

It was an easy decision for us to choose the TAGA Harmony TOS-600 V.2 speakers.

They sound fantastic, and they are weather resistant, so the owners will not have to worry about exposure. They also got unique and stylish looks, which is always a plus!

Total Control. Everywhere.

It does not matter where you are. As long as you got your Smartphone or Tablet with you. You can control the system from anywhere in the house, since the control is being done wireless over Wi-Fi. No more running around when you need to change an input or a track from your favorite playlist. Total Control at the tips of your fingers!

Build Quality

Most Focal products are Made In France, and most of those are handcrafted! The Dome Series is no different! Beautiful aluminum housing, Inverted dome tweeter, Adjustable angle, and the amazing patented FLAX Cone.

All these features result to an ultra-compact High End satellite speaker, that it has to be heard and experienced to be fully appreciated! 

Meet the Amazing Flax Cone!


Made in France but affordable, Flax cones are oriented towards acoustic performance, high-tech and give an original design to the brand’s speaker drivers!

After more than five years of research and development, engineers at Focal reveal in 2013 a new cone made of high-quality flax fibers. F cone are characterized by their natural sound, with low coloration, their richness of reproduction in the midrange register and their tighter bass.

Choose between different Subwoofers!

Choose between different models of subwoofers, and also between different colors. The Focal Dome series can be accompanied by the SUB AIR subwoofer or the Dome subwoofer. Both subwoofers offer exceptional sound quality, so just choose the one that matches your interior best!

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