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The E 30 KX is a 12" (30cm) subwoofer with very high power handling. It has an impressive SPL of 86.5dB (2.83 V/1 m) and a sealed box or bass-reflex type enclosure of 28 to 35L !

The E 30 KX subwoofer takes full advantage of the acoustic qualities of Kevlar® cones. Light, rigid and with excellent damping, they provide extremely dynamic bass. Their yellow colour is legendary of the K2 Power line’s identity.

All the components used for this subwoofer have been optimised to improve performance. The cone is fixed to the frame using a new robust and very reliable rubber suspension, whose exclusive shape has been optimised to provide very high excursion. The aluminium frame has also been redesigned to improve voice coil excursion. All moving parts benefit from this excellent excursion, giving the subwoofer tight, punchy and dynamic bass.
The oversized “Dual Magnet” has been given a new voice coil cooling system to improve cooling and also to improve the subwoofer’s performance and power handling. The progressive spider profile is designed to provide a full-bodied bass to increase linearity, precision and dynamic range.


•  Woofer Cone material: Kevlar Sandwich
•  Speaker Basket: Aluminum
•  Speaker Surround: Butyl
•  Voice Coil: 65mm
•  Magnet Type: Dual Magnet Motor

•  Wattage: 800w RMS
•  Peak Wattage: 1600w
•  Frequency Response: 25Hz - 500Hz
•  Speaker Impedance: 4Ω+4Ω
•  Sensitivity: 86.5dB/2.83V/m
•  Recommended Enclosure (Sealed 45Hz): 28L (0.99 cu. ft. at 45Hz)
•  Recommended Enclosure (Sealed 41Hz): 35L (1.23 cu. ft. at 41 Hz)
•  Recommended Enclosure (Ported 38Hz): 28L (0.99 cu. ft. at 38Hz) 
•  Recommended Enclosure (Ported 30Hz): 50L (1.76 cu. ft. at 30Hz) 
•  Port Diameter: 10cm
•  Port Length: 45cm (For 28L Box) and 40cm (For 50L Box)



The speaker drivers used for the K2Power have been completely redesigned. Each component is the result of extensive research in acoustics to push back the limits of performance, of power and of precision! The K2Power Kevlar® cone, a product of unique expertise Made In Focal, is to this day second to none. Composed of an ultra-light foam structure sandwiched between a thin layer of Kevlar® aramid fibres, and a layer of glass fibres, the K2Power cone combines three key factors of quality acoustics:
• Rigidity
• Lightness
• Damping, for precise and dynamic sound.

“Radial VC” cooling


The new Radial VC cooling system for speaker driver voice coils expels hot air from the voice coil towards the bottom of the magnet through 6 holes. This improves control over the voice coil temperature, limiting the effects of thermal compression and improving reliability. This significantly increases the efficiency of the speaker driver. It also improves dynamics and produces a more powerful sound.


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