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Powersound LTD was founded in 2000 with the target of specializing in the sale of car audio and installations.

Very soon, it became a popular spot for customers who wanted high quality car audio components and professional installation even in the most complex and expensive cars.

From the year 2000 to 2006, Powersound grew stronger and more reputable among all car audio enthusiasts, always bettering its already reputable status as a reliable go to point for all car audio related products.

In 2007 we decided to shift the focus of Powersound from Car Audio to Home Audio, and Pro Audio but keeping the Car Audio Section also active.

This change led to an expansion of our business since we started providing Home Cinema, Multi-room Audio and Stereo Systems and thus we started building up a name and reputation around Powersound connecting it with High Quality products and excellent installation skills.

As time went by we decided that it was the right moment to start forming stronger relationships with leading manufacturers so we could supply our customers with even better and more prestigious products.

Powersound is now the proud distributor of the following brands:

Home Audio

1. Focal (France) - High End Stereo and Home Cinema Speakers
2. Naim (UK) - High End Electronics
3. Cyrus (UK) - High End Electronics
4. Oppo (China) - High End Electronics
5. Artnovion (Portugal) - Sound Treatment Panels
6. TAGA (Poland) - Home Cinema & Stereo Speakers, and Electronics
7. DLS (Sweden) - Home Cinema & Stereo Speakers
8. Cabasse (France) - High End Home Cinema & Stereo Speakers 
9. The Chord Company - High End Speaker Cables and Interconnects
10. JVC (Japan) - Projectors and Headphones

Car Audio

1. Alpine (Japan) - Headunits, Speakers and Amplifiers
2. Kenwood (Japan) - Headunits, Speakers and Amplifiers
3. Focal (France) - Speakers & Amplifiers

Powersound is now considered as one of the leading companies that deals both with Car and Home audio, and with the help of all its prestigious brands, it always attracts the customers that want something extra. The customers who are looking for the best and most advanced solutions for their needs.

We are always striving to offer the latest technologies, at the best possible quality with customer satisfaction and support as our main concerns. From introducing ourselves, to the planning, sale, installation and implementation of our products all the way to aftersales support, we want our customers to know and feel that they are in the most capable hands.

Our philosophy has been the same since the very beginning: Quality, Reliability, Professionalism, Communication and Support. And that is what we genuinely believe Customer Relationships should be all about.



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Powersound is a High End Audio / Video reputable distributor and installer of Home Audio and Car Audio products since 2000. Quality, Reliability, Professionalism, Communication and Support. And that is what we genuinely believe Customer Relationships should be all about.


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